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Why do some individuals need supervision of a healthcare provider?

Fasting on a restricted diet for 5 days is not for everyone. In certain situations, a healthcare professional can help determine if ProLon® is a safe choice.

How does a healthcare provider sign up on the website?

Healthcare providers who desire to sell or recommend ProLon® must first register on

Can I do ProLon® if I’m pregnant?

We suggest to not do ProLon® if you are pregnant.

Can I do ProLon® while breastfeeding?

We suggest to not do ProLon® if you are actively breastfeeding.

Is ProLon® gluten-free?

Yes, ProLon® is free of gluten-containing ingredients.

Can I participate in this program if I have a history of allergies, or may be gluten or lactose sensitive?

If you have a concern, please review the ingredients label here (link to the doc) or take the label and have a discussion with your Healthcare Provider. ProLon® is formulated with ingredients that do not contain gluten or lactose.

Can I use ProLon® with an existing health condition?

If you have a medical condition, then you must reach out to a healthcare provider to determine your suitability for ProLon®.

What if I have an allergy to nuts?

ProLon® is not recommended for those that have nut allergies. The product contains: macadamia nut, pecan, and almond.

Why should I avoid extreme temperature environments while on ProLon®?

Extreme hot temperatures, should be avoided as this may increase the risk of fainting.

Do you experience ketosis while on ProLon®?

The level of ketone production while on ProLon® is variable. Some may experience a mild state of ketosis, while others do not throughout the duration of the fast. The average ketone level has been shown to be elevated by day five of ProLon, although individual levels may vary.