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Can I put lemon in my water?

Although we suggest no additions to the diet, up to 1 wedge of lemon per day is allowed.

Can I chew gum during ProLon®?

Although we suggest no additions to the diet, up to two pieces of sugar-free gum per day is allowed.

What if food outside of the ProLon® diet was eaten during one day of the diet because of circumstances (e.g. social event)?

The diet has been carefully designed based on preclinical and clinical research, and we do not recommend that you consume anything outside of the diet.

Can the diet be stopped at day 4?

The 5-day cycle has been carefully designed based on preclinical and clinical data, and therefore we recommend consuming all five days as directed to the extent possible.

If all of the food designated for one day is not eaten, can it be eaten on the next day?

The ProLon® diet has been carefully curated and scientifically tested to be consumed consecutively. Therefore, we recommend eating all foods in each day's box. If there is any leftover food, this should not be eaten on a different day in the cycle.

Can I prolong the fast?

Use ProLon® as directed and recommended on the program meal card. The ProLon® fast should be balanced with a period of refeeding so one can benefit from cellular clean-up that occurred during the fast.

How long do the benefits of the program last?

Health benefits are sustained up to three months after completing 3 cycles of ProLon®.

Is there a “transition day” diet after completing five days of the ProLon® Fasting Mimicking Diet®?

You can find all the information in the ProLon® transition meal plan

Should routine intake of dietary supplements be stopped during the ProLon® dietary program?

It is best to avoid non-prescribed additions to the protocol, including dietary supplements. The clinical studies did not include additional ingredients, and we are still learning what effect these additions may have on the protocol. For prescribed medications and dietary supplements, we recommend consulting with your physician or healthcare provider.

How much weight can one expect to lose and will the individual be able to keep it off?

While the purpose of the diet is to trigger rejuvenation, weight loss may occur. Everyone is different, and weight loss depends on a number of factors. In a clinical study of participants who completed a 5-day ProLon® cycle once a month for three months, the average weight loss at the end of the study was about 5.1 pounds. This was primarily abdominal fat, while lean body mass was preserved.”