The Longevity Diet

The Longevity Diet


In this book, Dr. Longo shares the culmination of 25 years of research on aging, nutrition, and disease across the globe.  Research that resulted in a unique program that lays out a simple solution to help you enjoy a longer, healthier life though nutrition and exercise.


What you eat can determine how long, and how well you live.

The Longevity Diet by Valter Longo, PhD is the program to help you live a longer, healthier life. Among the longevity factors within your control, what you eat is the primary choice you can make that will affect whether you live to 60, 80, 100, or 110—and more importantly, whether you will get there in good health.

It’s important to eat food you truly enjoy, but it’s also important to eliminate ora minimize the consumption of food that will make your life shorter and sicker, and to increase the consumption of nutrients that will make your life longer and healthier.

The Foods You Eat Can Determine:

  • How you look and function…
  • Whether you sleep well at night…
  • Whether you will stay thin or gain weight…
  • Whether your body shape is more like a pear or an apple…
  • Whether you will speed up the effects of aging in the body…
  • Whether your brain will use glucose or ketone bodies to obtain energy.

In the Book, Dr. Longo Pulls Back the Curtain On:

  • How periodic fasting works
  • How periodic fasting improves your health
  • What to eat between fasts
  • How to activate cell-based self-repair and rejuvenation throughout your body
  • Delicious, healthy recipes
  • And much more